Media Mentions

Difference Engine and its creators has been featured in the press. Check out some of the stories we’ve been featured in!



The Straits Times (May 18, 2023) 

Arts Picks: Animated short Madu, The Glasshouse’s tete-a-tetes, and Difference Engine book launches

Feature of our joint book launch for Afterlife: The Boy Next Realm and Two Tails


The Straits Times (Jan 21, 2023) 

Book review: Mothers put under the spotlight in two new local picture books

Feature of Bearing Witness



The Straits Times (Nov 23, 2022) 

Singapore Writers Festival: Hits and misses

A listicle featuring If You Spy With Your Little Eye: A Found Comic Scavenger Hunt commissioned by Singapore Writers Festival 2022


The Straits Times (Nov 5, 2022) 

Demonic co-workers abound in Work-Life Balance, a mix of prose and comics

Feature of Work-Life Balance: Malevolent Managers and Folkloric Freelancers


Frankfurt Book Fair Magazine (Oct, 2022) 

Insights From Frankfurt Invitation Program Fellows

Article with insights on the publishing industry from our publisher, Felicia Low-Jimenez


The Straits Times (Jul 3, 2022) 

Fun With Kids: New dinosaur-themed indoor playground, Disney+ animated series Baymax!, graphic novel

Feature of Amazing Ash & Superhero Ah Ma: Coming of Age



The Straits Times (Nov 17, 2021) 

Tragicomic menstrual tales from Singapore in new comic book

Feature of A Drip. A Drop. A Deluge: A Period Tragicomedy


The Straits Times (Oct 3, 2021) 

Fun With Kids: Eat rainbow bread with healthy ice cream, watch new take on fairy tales, learn about wildlife in South-east Asia

A listicle featuring Marvellous Mammals: A Wild A to Z of Southeast Asia


Mothership (Sep 27, 2021) 

Alphabet book created by S’poreans features Southeast Asian mammals like colugo & Raffles’ banded langur

Feature of Marvellous Mammals: A Wild A to Z of Southeast Asia


Publishers Weekly (Jun 16, 2021) 

Bologna Conference Seeks Answers from the Pandemic

Highlights insights from a panel that includes our publisher, Felicia Low-Jimenez


How We Read (Jan 25, 2021) 

Comic Relief 

Podcast on comics, with our publisher Felicia Low-Jimenez as an episode guest


The Straits Times (Jan 25, 2021)

Book Nook: How comics help kids love reading

Article with recommended reads which includes The Makers Club: Game On!


The Star (Jan 23, 2021)

Malaysian illustrator Charis Loke co-edits new anthology of South-East Asian comics

Feature of SOUND: A Comics Anthology 


The Straits Times (Jan 23, 2021)

New comics anthology puts on the page the sounds of South-east Asia

Feature of SOUND: A Comics Anthology 



The Straits Times (Nov 22, 2020)

5 new local children’s books to check out over the school holidays

A listicle featuring Amazing Ash & Superhero Ah Ma  


Asian Books Blog (Oct 29, 2020) 

What’s The Deal With Graphic Novels? Elaine Chiew Chats with Melanie Lee and Arif Rafhan on their collaboration for Amazing Ash & Superhero Ah Ma

Interview with creators Melanie Lee & Arif Rafhan for Amazing Ash & Superhero Ah Ma  


The Straits Times (Aug 31, 2020)

The Rise of Women in Local Comics

Featuring Difference Engine, with mentions of The Makers Club: Game On! and Amazing Ash & Superhero Ah Ma  


Asia One (Jun 25, 2020) 

Singapore’s Makers Club creates comic to inspire kids to explore coding video games

Feature of The Makers Club: Game On! 


Geek Culture (Jun 25, 2020)

The Makers Club Comic Inspires Kids In Singapore To Explore Video Games & Coding

Feature of The Makers Club: Game On!