About Difference Engine 

Difference Engine is inspired by stories from Asia. We are committed to publishing diverse, well-written, and beautifully illustrated comics of all genres, both print and digital. We would love to work with writers and illustrators, both new and experienced, to contribute to the growing Southeast Asian comics community. If you have a story to tell, we want to hear from you!


In addition to our main publishing line, Difference Engine also publishes DE Shorts, an imprint focused on self-contained stories on a wide range of social issues.



About DE Shorts

DE Shorts is a series of self-contained stories on a wide range of social issues. This imprint was created in the midst of difficult conversations, contrasting encounters, and shared conundrums. With DE Shorts, Difference Engine aims to publish stories of lived and shared experiences – tales that reflect our commonalities and differences. While we recognise that these short comics present individual facets of much broader, complex topics – far too vast to encompass in a single issue – we hope that it will be a starting point for openness and candid discussion, perhaps even to serve as catalysts for the changes we hope to see in the world. We learnt so much from working on these stories, and we want to dig deeper, do more, and share them with you.