Two Tails

About the book

University student Rara detests animals. And she absolutely hates cats. Until one fateful night when a fatal bike accident changes everything…

A second chance at life beckons, but there’s a catch: She has to get her body back. The bigger catch? She’s now a cat.

Armed with two tails and with a long-lost friend by her side, Rara ventures on a whimsical journey to show us the very human nature of animals, and the immense space that we carry in our hearts for reconciliation.

Why read this book?

• A wholesome tale of friendships and self-discovery that are forged through a journey of redemption

• Adventure-filled chapters with a constellation of expressive characters, heartfelt dialogue and witty banter

• Playful illustrations that faithfully capture the cultural vibrance of different cities of Indonesia

• A comic that balances light-hearted hijinks with serious themes of animal welfare, grief, and traumatic childhoods

The Two Tails Bundle Pack is now available online with worldwide international shipping, or at selected bookstores in Singapore!

Kiana Fedly aka Kifurai
Kiana Fedly aka Kifurai


Kiana Fedly aka Kifurai is an illustrator and full-time animal lover. She comes from a family in the creative field and went on to study at the Jakarta Institute of Arts (IKJ). Her interest lies in creating cute-looking characters to accompany her narrative art. She has worked with independent artists, companies, and brands for projects such as music video storyboarding, merchandise illustration, company mascots, and digital content.

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