Worlds Apart: A Conversation About Mental Health

About the book

Book Synopsis

It’s been a while since you caught up with Charissa. You finally – finally! – find the time to meet your friend for coffee, but after the usual pleasantries, she opens up to you.

She’s been diagnosed with depression. A moment like this can feel like a fork in the road. Will it lead to an emotionally rewarding conversation or… cause a lot of confusion and awkwardness?

Many of us still largely choose not to talk about mental health – and that often breeds misconceptions and social stigma. Join Charissa as she guides you through these unfamiliar territories and terrains that can be difficult to navigate.

Let the conversation begin.

Why Read This Book?

• A conversation starter for those who are keen to understand and reach out to people living with mental health conditions. 

• Understand misconceptions, taboos, and common concerns surrounding mental health. 

• Useful resources on how to get help and support for mental health conditions in Singapore.

Each copy of Worlds Apart: A Conversation About Mental Health comes with a postcard and envelope set that readers can use to reach out to those they care for.  

Praise for Worlds Apart: A Conversation About Mental Health

Worlds Apart: A Conversation About Mental Health delivers a significant message – breaking the silence and stigma around mental health cannot be left solely to the professionals. Everyone can play a significant part in normalising it. Every conversation matters and we need to overcome it as a society.”
— Singapore Association for Mental Health

Worlds Apart: A Conversation about Mental Health is a timely reminder that we are not alone and we can feel so much better with simply a chat. This book will make a difference to so many, instilling the confidence and encouragement to share and the understanding and awareness to listen. Wayne Rée’s whimsical and heartfelt writing together with Nurjannah Suhaimi’s captivating illustrations brings life to our chat with Charissa, the character from the book who has much to share with us. This chat takes us from a fantastical journey to space to battling evil villains and goblins as she opens up and conveys in her own unique way how she feels. As I learn more from Charissa, I can’t help but highly recommended this book as a read and as a gift to others as well.”
— Wesley Leon Aroozoo, Filmmaker & Author

Wayne Rée
Wayne Rée


Wayne Rée is the writer of Worlds Apart: A Conversation about Mental Health. He is also the co-creator of the upcoming prose/comics mash-up, Work-Life Balance . His work’s been included in several fiction publications, most notably Infinite Worlds Magazine and LONTAR: The Journal of Southeast Asian Speculative Fiction. He is also the co-creator of the narrative podcast, Ghost Maps.

Nurjannah Suhaimi
Nurjannah Suhaimi


Nurjannah Suhaimi is the illustrator of Worlds Apart: A Conversation about Mental Health. She is a designer based in Singapore, and a visual communications graduate from Nanyang Technological University, the School of Art, Design, Media. As a self-motivated and proactive person, she takes pride in being able to adapt in stressful situations, and is always seeking new experiences to keep her on her toes!

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