Why Draw Comics?

The Difference Engine team conducted a comics workshop at the recent Asian Festival of Children’s Content (AFCC). We’re proud to have taken part in this 3-day long festival that aims to celebrate and promote the creation and appreciation of children’s books and content, with a focus on Asian themes. Held from 6 to 8 September, the festival featured seminars, workshops and masterclasses for professionals, educators, and members of the public.



So, why should children learn how to draw comics?


A way to express themselves

Comics are a great way for children to talk about subjects and issues that are important to them. Children are free to write about topics such as their favourite characters, school experiences, and family life. Get them to draw a comic about subjects that they’re passionate about – if they love unicorns, drones, monsters, or superheroes, they’re sure to be excited to explore the topic in a fresh medium!

Build confidence in storytelling

While essays may be daunting for children due to their longer form, comics are lighthearted, and encourage children to come up with their own jokes or anecdotes. It’s a good way to build their confidence in storytelling, and to improve their writing skills.

Learn timing and pacing

Comics break down stories into several moments, encouraging children to think about what is happening at each specific moment, and to decide which actions are crucial to the story. Children also have to think about the transition from one panel to the next – by creating seamless storytelling throughout the panels to ensure that readers understand what is going on.


Take a look at some of the works by the children at our comics workshop, “AFCC x Difference Engine – How to Create Comics”:  


Comic strip by Eliza Harun de Silva, Age 10


Comic strip by Niranjana Amirtharaj, Age 10


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