May 3, 2019

Frequently Asked Questions – SOUND: A Comics Anthology

Q: How do I show proof of residence in Southeast Asia?

A: We accept documents that have both your legal name and residential address printed on it, such as your recent utilities or telecommunications bill (not more than 6 months old). You will need to scan your documents and email them to us when requested.


Q: I am of Asian descent but not living in Southeast Asia. Am I eligible to submit to the anthology?

A: Unfortunately not. SOUND: A Comics Anthology was initiated to offer opportunities to creators who reside in Southeast Asia. Therefore, all members of the creative team must also reside in Southeast Asia.


Q: Which countries are considered part of Southeast Asia?

A: Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Timor-Leste, and Vietnam.


Q: If I am not eligible to submit to this anthology, will there be other opportunities to get published with DE?

A: Yes! If you would have a story that you would like to see published, please head over to our general submissions page here.


Q: Do the portfolio samples need to be linked to the story I am pitching for SOUND? 

A: They do not need to be linked.  


Q: Do the portfolio samples need to be in black and white? 

A: They do not need to be in black and white.  


Q: How do I find creators to collaborate with?

A: You can head to the Facebook post here to introduce yourself to fellow creators!

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