Hello, we’re Difference Engine,
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We are inspired by stories from Asia, and we are committed to publishing diverse, well-written, and beautifully illustrated comics of all genres and for all ages. We collaborate closely with Southeast Asian creators, both new and experienced, with genuine and thought-provoking ideas to share.

The DE Story

Inspired by the story of Ada Lovelace and her encounter with the Difference Engine, Felicia Low-Jimenez knew it would be the perfect name for the independent comics publishing house she would co-found. And thus, Difference Engine was born! Since 2018, the DE team has grown in size and ambition, constantly experimenting, tinkering, and inventing more ways to bring Southeast Asian stories to life through comics and graphic narratives.

Coming from a thriving region that features a diverse array of comics cultures, Difference Engine now partners with Diamond Book Distributors to make Southeast Asian comics available in the US and the rest of the world.

Meet the team!

“Having worked as a bookseller and merchandiser for more than a decade, it feels like all the experience and connections I’ve built has led to the start of Difference Engine.
I’m always thinking of ways to work closely with bookstores, libraries, and schools to get our books into the hands of readers all over the world.”
— Felicia Low-Jimenez, Publisher and Co-Founder

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Bringing Southeast Asia to the world.

Internationally Distributed Titles

Work-Life Balance: Malevolent Managers and Folkloric Freelancers

When a menacing multinational arrives in Singapore, strange creatures of Southeast Asian mythology find themselves in the realm of dead-end work, glass ceilings, and truly hellish bosses. This genre-bending prose-comic hybrid brings a new meaning to “rise and grind”.

Hairul, Sales
Part modern office drama, part supernatural cautionary tale, Work-Life Balance is one of those rare gems that beautifully balances two disparate yet complementary forms of storytelling. Your perfect companion when you’re facing down the office-pocalypse!

Amazing Ash & Superhero Ah Ma #1

Written by Melanie Lee
Illustrated by Arif Rafhan

Eleven-year-old Ash discovers that she has superpowers… and her grandmother does too! But as the dynamic duo puts together a superhero squad, Ash can’t help but notice signs of Ah Ma’s dementia setting in. How will they navigate growing up and growing old together, especially with their superpowered secret?

Seth, Design & Marketing
Amazing Ash & Superhero Ah Ma” is an incredibly fun story with an endearing cast of characters! Ash and Ah Ma’s relationship is both realistic and heartwarming, and their superhero adventures are accompanied by important moments of growing up and growing old.

Two Tails

Written and illustrated by Kiana Fedly aka Kifurai

University student Rara detests animals, especially cats. But everything changes when a fatal bike accident gives her a second chance to live and get her body back. The catch? She’s now a cat.

With two tails and a long-lost friend by her side, Rara ventures on a whimsical journey to show us the very human nature of animals, and the immense space that we carry in our hearts for reconciliation.

Lalitha, Community Engagement
Two Tails effortlessly weaves humor with poignant storytelling. It strikes a chord especially in today’s conversations about childhood traumas and their lasting impact, but is also filled with heartwarming friendship and delightful adventures.

Sound: A Comics Anthology
By Various creators
Guest editors: Budjette Tan and Charis Loke

In Difference Engine’s first comics anthology, writers and illustrators across Southeast Asia experiment with ways of depicting the unseen through the medium of visuals and words. Featuring stories across genres and topics, SOUND is an exciting exploration of Southeast Asian creativity and what comics are capable of.

Olivia, Marketing
The challenge of interpreting sound into comics opens up so many possibilities, and “SOUND” presents entirely new dimensions of Southeast Asia that surprises you with how noisy, quiet, chaotic, and harmonious it can be.

Afterlife: The Boy Next Realm
Written by Gina Chew
Illustrated by Nadhir Nor

Kyra’s younger brother is stricken with an ailment that has no cure. The last thing she needs is to encounter a mysterious boy with an inexplicable connection she is drawn to. Revealing himself as Eric, a Spirit Keeper, Kyra and Eric embark on a daring rescue mission across realms to save Kyra’s brother from Death’s clutches. Afterlife is an epic Southeast Asian-inspired young adult fantasy graphic novel about one girl’s sacrifice as she fights to save what she loves.

Shreya, Editor
invites readers into an breathtaking world filled with Southeast Asian myths and architecture, and also throws in an expansive and adventure longing romance that spans centuries.

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